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What to Expect When A Pet Passes Away

Loss of a pet may be an emergency or it may be because a vet has scheduled euthanasia.

Either way you can contact us 24 hours, 7 days a week on our free call number 1800 789 567 and we will send our professional staff to your home or to the vet immediately. If it is easier, we also welcome email requests.

Depending on your pets size and breed, one or two of our team will attend and offer their support and assistance and take your pet into our care.

We welcome you to be involved in this process as much as you like.

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Special Requests

At Pet Haven, we don’t believe in removing anything from your pet unless you request this.

If you would like a lock of hair or a paw print of your pet, please request this as it is not part of our normal service. We DO NOT charge an additional cost if you would like us to perform this for you.


We Are Here To Assist You During This Time

The Pet Haven team will guide you through the process and you can expect to be able to collect the ashes within 72 hours.

This time frame allows for initial collection, the cremation, cooling, processing, and placement in the selected urn.

The type of animal determines many things, for example the time it takes for the cremation, the amount of ashes returned and the type of urn selected.

We will provide a temporary plastic urn which is suitable to contain the ashes until you have made an alternate decision.

We will not pressure you to make a decision about this because we understand that sometimes it can take a lot of thought.

For further information on our range of urns and keepsakes, please browse our brochure or contact us for special requests.

Thank you to all your caring staff for helping us with such a difficult task. The urn you provided to us is just perfect.
Would you please pass onto Tim that the service provided was more than we had expected. The photo he scanned and placed with the urn was a wonderful surprise. Thank you doesn't seem enough.....
We would have no hesitation in recommending your services.
Our vet recommended that we contact you. We are very pleased we listened to them as the service you provided was outstanding. Thank you for going out of your way to help my mum deal with the loss. Your grief counselling service was excellent.
how can I ever thank you enough for the assistance your firm gave to us on Tuesday. Your team arrived very quickly and were very caring young people. (unfortunately, I have forgotten their names due to the stress of the day). They treated Leroy with great respect & dignity. He went out in style. Also, the quickness of his ashes being available speaks highly of your team at Pet Haven. Again, from the bottom of our hearts many thanks to you & your team for their professionalism. Kind Regards Vilma
I am just emailing to say a huge thank you to all your staff that took care of our beloved pet and her cremation and delivery of her ashes today. I would also like to thank you for your kidness and compassion in my time of grieving. Through all the worries I had at the time you allowed me to take my time which took a huge weight off my shoulders when I needed it most. Thank you again.

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