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Losing a pet is an incredibly sad situation for anyone to go through. Only those who have experienced the loss of a pet can know how truly heartbreaking it is. Once your pet passes, you may be unsure of where to go or who to contact next.

Pet cremation is a viable option that allows you to deal with the body of your dog in a respectful way. This process is quick and painless for all parties and gives you the opportunity to keep your pet with you forever in an urn.

Pet Haven Animal Creation offers dog cremation services that will give your dog the best send-off possible. Call us on 1800 789 567 today for further information.

Saying goodbye to a dog is a very emotional experience. Dogs are family members and it’s almost just as painful when they leave us.

At Pet Haven Animal Creation, we understand the intensity of the situation and treat all of our clients with complete compassion and sympathy throughout the entire process.

We know what you’re going through – we see it every day and it never gets easier to watch. We are experienced in dealing with families who have lost their lovely furry friends, so we will always be tactile, patient and understanding when managing your dog cremation on the Gold Coast.

We also offer useful resources for dog-owners who need help with ill dogs or dealing with grief following the death of their dog.

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For further information or to schedule a cremation for you furry friend, please enquire online or call us on 1800 789 567.

We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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    Compassionate, Dignified & Loving Pet Farewells
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    We offer a variety of keepsakes when you have your dog cremated with us on the Gold Coast. You can give your late dog a place in your home with our choice of urns.

    Lay your dog to rest in its favourite outdoor spot with our scatter tubes, or get a paw print keepsake that’ll make you smile remembering the good times.

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    Why Choose Pet Haven?

    Our family owned & operated business has been in the cremation and funeral business since 1979. You can be sure that our pet cremation services on the Gold Coast will be professional at all times, and our wealth of experience will be clear to all those who deal with us.

    We ensure our dog cremation services are as affordable as possible to not cause more stress at an already difficult time. We offer flexible packages for big or small pet cremations.

    We also offer a 24/7 service to answer your calls or emails in the case of an emergency. Whether your dog has died at home unexpectedly, been euthanised or if you’re simply not sure what to do following the death of your little (or big) friend, we want to help.

    Please Reach Out To Us

    To schedule a cremation or for further information, please give us a call on 1800 789 567 or enquire online.

    We are happy to discuss any preferences or requests you have regarding your dog’s or cats cremation.

    Alternatively, if you’re unsure what the plan of action is after your dog dies, or want to know more about dog cremation, we can give you information and advice. We provide also supports to help you conquer this sad situation and details on what to expect on your beloved pet cremation.

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