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Losing a beloved dog is an emotional journey, a path filled with memories and a need for closure. Pet Haven is a compassionate companion in Gold Coast and Brisbane in these tender moments, offering affordable and empathetic dog cremation services. Since 1979, our expertise in pet cremation has brought solace to countless pet owners, making us a trusted name in this heartfelt service.

Compassion at Every Step

At Pet Haven, our team deeply understands the emotional experience of losing a pet. We approach each client with compassion and sympathy, acknowledging that dogs are not just pets but cherished family members. This understanding is the cornerstone of our service, ensuring every pet owner feels supported and respected during this difficult time.

A Variety of Keepsakes

We offer a diverse range of urns and keepsakes to keep your furry friend’s memories alive. Our selection includes beautifully crafted urns and scatter tubes, providing a fitting tribute to your beloved dog. These keepsakes are thoughtfully designed to help you cherish the memories of your pet and find comfort in their lasting presence in your home or heart.

Decades of Dedicated Service

Pet Haven’s journey started in 1979, and from that time onwards, we’ve been committed to delivering professional and affordable pet cremation services. Our extensive experience in the cremation and funeral industry proves our dedication to quality and care, guaranteeing that your pet’s final journey is managed with the utmost dignity and respect.

Flexible Packages for Every Need

Acknowledging the distinct needs of each pet and their owner, Pet Haven provides versatile packages for dog cremation. Regardless of your cherished companion’s size, we offer customised solutions to meet all needs, helping you discover the ideal method to bid farewell.

Always There When You Need Us: 24/7 Emergency Service

Pet Haven is committed to being there for you anytime, offering a 24/7 service to answer calls or emails. Understanding that the passing of a pet can be unexpected and distressing, our team is always ready to provide support and guidance, no matter the hour.

A Trusted Companion in Your Time of Need

Choosing Pet Haven for your dog’s cremation means selecting a service rooted in compassion, professionalism, and a deep understanding of the bond between pets and their owners. Our comprehensive services, flexible packages, round-the-clock availability, and informative resources make us a leading choice in Gold Coast and Brisbane. In your time of need, let Pet Haven be the trusted companion that guides you through this emotional journey with care and dignity.

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    Compassionate, Dignified & Loving Pet Farewells

    Dog Cremation Gold Coast & Brisbane

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    We offer a variety of keepsakes when you have your dog cremated with us on the Gold Coast. You can give your late dog a place in your home with our choice of urns.

    Lay your dog to rest in its favourite outdoor spot with our scatter tubes, or get a paw print keepsake that’ll make you smile remembering the good times.

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    Why Choose Pet Haven?

    Our family owned & operated business has been in the cremation and funeral business since 1979. You can be sure that our pet cremation services on the Gold Coast will be professional at all times, and our wealth of experience will be clear to all those who deal with us.

    We ensure our dog cremation services are as affordable as possible to not cause more stress at an already difficult time. We offer flexible packages for big or small pet cremations.

    We also offer a 24/7 service to answer your calls or emails in the case of an emergency. Whether your dog has died at home unexpectedly, been euthanised or if you’re simply not sure what to do following the death of your little (or big) friend, we want to help.

    Please Reach Out To Us

    To schedule a cremation or for further information, please give us a call on 1800 789 567 or enquire onlineWe are happy to discuss any preferences or requests you have regarding your dog or cat’s cremation.

    Alternatively, if you’re unsure what the plan of action is after your dog dies, or want to know more about dog cremation, we can give you information and advice. We provide also supports to help you conquer this sad situation and details on what to expect on your beloved pet cremation. Contact us today to discuss further.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is dog cremation?

    Dog cremation is the process of reducing a dog’s body to bone fragments through high-temperature incineration. The dog is placed in a chamber where it is exposed to intense heat.

    The heat evaporates the dog’s bodily fluids and dries out the soft tissues, leaving only the ashes behind. Dog cremation is an increasingly popular option for pet owners who wish to keep their dog’s remains close by. Unlike burial, which requires a large plot of land, cremation takes up very little space.

    Additionally, some pet owners find the idea of their dog being reduced to ashes to be less morbid than the thought of their dog decomposing in the ground.

    How long does pet cremation take?

    When a pet owner decides to cremate their dog, they may be wondering how long the process will take. The answer depends on the size of the dog and the type of cremation being performed. For a standard cremation, it usually takes between two and three hours.

    However, if the dog is large or if the pet owner has chosen to have a private cremation, it may take longer. In a private cremation, the dog is placed in its own chamber and cremated alone. This allows the pet owner to have their dog’s ashes returned to them.

    The length of time for a private cremation will vary depending on the size of the dog. A large dog may take four or more hours to cremate. For many pet owners, knowing how long it will take to cremate their dog is helpful in making arrangements for their pet’s final resting place.

    Is there an alternative to animal cremation?

    While cremation is the most popular method of disposing of a dog’s remains, burial is also an option. Some people choose to bury their dogs in their own backyards, while others opt for pet cemeteries or animal burial parks. There are a few things to consider before making a decision about how to deal with your pet’s remains.

    If you choose cremation, you will have the option of keeping your dog’s ashes. Some people find this comforting, while others prefer to scatter the ashes in a place that was significant to their pet. If you choose burial, you will need to decide whether you want to bury your dog in a coffin or shroud.

    You will also need to think about whether you want a grave marker or headstone. These decisions can be difficult, but they are important to make sure that your pet’s final resting place is respectful and dignified.

    What are the benefits of pet cremation?

    One of the main benefits of cremation is that it is more hygienic than burial. When a body is buried, there is a risk of it contaminating the ground, which can lead to the spread of disease. Cremation eliminates this risk by completely destroying the body.

    As a result, it is a much cleaner and safer option. In addition, cremation is less expensive than burial. You do not need to purchase a casket or bury the remains, which can save you a significant amount of money. Finally, cremation allows you to keep your pet close by. If you choose to bury your pet, you will have to say goodbye forever.

    However, if you opt for cremation, you can keep your pet’s ashes with you always. This can provide you with great comfort during a difficult time. For more information on this process, please give the team at Pet Haven a call.

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