Pet Cremation: Navigating Funeral Service Options

The loss of a beloved pet can be as devastating as losing a human family member. As our companions in life’s journey, pets play pivotal roles in our lives, bringing joy, comfort and unconditional love. As they depart from this world, finding a fitting way to honour their memory becomes an integral part of the grieving process. This article sheds light on the world of pet funerals, exploring cremation options, cost factors and the various touches that can personalise the experience.

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Understanding Pet Cremation Basics

Pet cremation is a process where a pet’s remains are reduced to ashes using high temperatures in a specially designed chamber. Opting for this method is not just about saying a final goodbye; it allows pet owners a chance to preserve the memory of their companions in a special way. Many find solace in this practice as it provides them with a lasting keepsake of their pet.

Variations In Price: Factors To Consider

  • Size of the Pet: The physical dimensions of a pet play a pivotal role in determining the cost. Larger animals, like dogs, often require more resources during the cremation process. This extends to the amount of fuel required, the duration of the procedure and the size of the cremation chamber. Conversely, smaller pets such as birds or hamsters may cost less due to reduced resource consumption.
  • Choice of Urn: Urns come in a wide array of materials and designs. A basic urn might be more cost-effective, but many opt for premium materials like handcrafted ceramics or intricately carved wooden urns, which come with a higher price tag. Additionally, some urns come with added features like photo slots, engravings or even digital compartments for storing memorable videos.
  • Transportation and Collection: Some services offer to collect the deceased pet from your home or a veterinary clinic and transport it to the cremation facility. The distance covered and the means of transportation (specialised vehicles, for instance) can impact the overall cost.
  • Return of Ashes: Once the cremation process is complete, the method chosen to return the ashes can also influence the price. Personal hand-delivery, courier services or even elaborate commemorative events where the ashes are handed over can have varying costs.

Additional Memorabilia: Pet Urns & Keepsakes

Some service providers offer added products or services like paw print casts, fur clippings or memorial jewellery, each of which can have its own associated cost. At Pet Haven, we offer a range of personalisation options for urns and keepsakes to ensure every token truly resonates with your pet’s unique personality.

Pet Haven’s team has meticulously chosen their product range. This guarantees exceptional quality and design, ensuring that every pet gets the respect and love they deserve. Whether you’re someone who cherishes traditional memorabilia or someone who embraces modernity, Pet Haven has got you covered. We offer everything from classic urns that serve as timeless reminders to the ModUrn, an innovative app-based urn that bring cherished memories to life in a digital format.

For those who are environmentally conscious, our biodegradable urns are a perfect choice. These urns are not only eco-friendly but also allow for a nature-inspired memorial, ensuring that your pet rests peacefully in a loved environment.

Pre-planning For Peace Of Mind

In life’s uncertain journey, pre-planning for a pet’s eventual passing can be both a pragmatic and emotional decision. By organising in advance, pet owners can ensure their wishes are respected and that the process unfolds smoothly, alleviating added stress during a period of grief.

Support During Grieving

The journey of grieving is deeply personal and while a cremation provides some form of closure, they often don’t address the emotional aftermath. Recognising this, many pet cremation sevices now extend their support beyond just cremation or burial, offering counselling sessions, memorial gatherings or even dedicated spaces where pet owners can share their memories and stories, fostering a community of shared empathy and understanding.

Let’s Navigate This Journey Together

The bond you shared with your pet is unparalleled and commemorating that bond deserves a thoughtful approach. At Pet Haven, we’re here to guide, support and ensure that your pet’s memory is honoured just the way you envision. Our compassionate team have been providing respectful, individual pet cremations since 2005 to families across Brisbane, Gold Coast and northern New South Wales. Contact us 24 hours, 7 days a week via phone and we will send our staff out to your home or local vet to collect your furry friend and give them a compassionate cremation.

Farewelling A Feathered Friend: A Guide To Pet Bird Cremation

Losing a pet is a heart-wrenching experience. While many people are familiar with saying goodbye to cats and dogs, when it comes to our feathered friends, the process is less familiar. In this guide, we provide you with a comprehensive understanding of pet bird cremation, a respectful and compassionate way to farewell your beloved feathered companion.

A Pet Bird Cremation

Understanding Pet Bird Cremation

Pet bird cremation is a straightforward process, similar to that of other pets. Your bird is first prepared by removing any accessories it might be wearing and is then placed in a special cremation chamber, which heats to over 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit over the course of an hour. The cremated remains are then removed from the chamber. Any large pieces of bones or other fragments are ground down into a fine dust known (or ashes), which is what you place in the cremation urn.

What Options Are There For Bird Cremation?

There are a few different types of cremation available for birds, depending on your wishes and budget. These include:


  • Communal cremation: In this case, your pet is cremated with other pets at the same time. You don’t get to keep the ashes, or if you do, they’re mixed with other pets. This is the cheapest option.
  • Private cremation: Your bird is cremated privately, and you keep its ashes. This is the standard option at most animal crematoriums.
  • Witness cremation: With this option, you can view the cremation process. This option is not always available, so it pays to check with your animal crematorium.

Honouring Your Bird’s Memory

After cremation, there are several ways you can honour your bird’s memory.


  • Hold the ashes in an urn or keepsake: There are wide variety of urns and keepsakes available to hold your bird’s ashes. These can range from traditional urns to more creative options like urn necklaces, memorial diamonds and keychains. Many crematoriums offer custom-made urns that can be personalised with your pet’s name, photo and other details. These keepsakes allow you to keep a part of your beloved bird with you always.
  • Scattering the ashes: Birds symbolise freedom, and scattering their ashes in a favourite park or nature area can be a beautiful tribute.
  • Burying the ashes: You can bury your pet’s ashes in a special place, such as near a favourite tree or garden.
  • Grow a memorial tree: Bio Urns allow you to grow a tree from your bird’s ashes, creating a living tribute.
  • Create a memorial portrait: Some artists can mix ashes with artistic mediums to create a portrait of your bird.
  • Keep one of their feathers: Most crematoriums will also allow you to keep one of your bird’s feathers, which is a beautiful way to remember your bird’s life, especially if you decide to bury or scatter their ashes. It can serve as a reminder to you of both their vibrant colour and personality.

Keep The Memory Of Your Bird Alive

When the time comes to say goodbye to your feathered friend, it’s crucial to find a service that understands the unique bond between you and your pet. Birds, with their enchanting songs and vibrant plumages, often become more than just pets; they become companions, confidants and sources of joy and comfort.

It’s important to remember that there’s no right or wrong way to grieve or remember your pet. The most important thing is to do what feels right for you and find the right way to honour the memory of your feathered friend.

Compassionate Bird Cremations

The loss of a pet bird is a deeply personal and emotional experience. At Pet Haven, we understand the profound impact these small creatures can have on our lives. We offer compassionate and respectful cremation services for pet birds, ensuring they receive a dignified farewell. Our dedicated team is committed to guiding you through every step of this journey, providing support and understanding during this difficult time.

We believe in the concept of the rainbow bridge, a place where our beloved pets wait for us until we can be reunited. Our goal is to help your pet make this journey with the respect and honour they deserve. With locations in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, our team will guide you through the process and have the ashes of your beloved pet back to you within 72 hours.

If you need more information or have any questions about our pet bird cremation services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

How Much Does It Cost To Cremate A Cat?

Your cat isn’t just a pet, but a beloved family member. For many, a cat’s passing can be a heartbreaking experience. Following your cat’s departure, you might find yourself in mourning, navigating feelings of loss and uncertainty about what to do next. If you’re looking to find a dignified farewell for your feline friend, our caring team explains the steps involved in compassionate cat cremations, along with the associated costs.

Why Should I Cremate My Cat?

Pet cremation services are becoming more popular with families across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. A cremation provides a peaceful opportunity for owners to say a final farewell to their feline friends, while keeping a part of them close, even after they’ve passed. Pet cremation providers understand the emotional toll of parting ways with a furry friend and can arrange a customised farewell for your feline, while offering compassionate guidance during a trying time.

What Options Do I Have for My Cat’s Cremation?

Respectful, Individual Pet Cremation

You should find a respectful and compassionate pet cremation provider, who treats the pet cremation process with the same respect as they would a human cremation. Choose a pet cremation service which offers individual pet cremation. This ensures that your cat is cremated separately, offering a more private and compassionate service, while guaranteeing the ashes you receive are solely from your cat.

Pet Cremation & Keepsake Packages

For those looking to honour their cat’s memory in a unique way, pet cremation & keepsake packages can be an ideal choice. These services offer the cremation process along with keepsakes such as special urns, boxes or jewellery that hold your pet’s ashes, allowing you to keep a piece of your pet nearby always.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Pet Cremation

It’s important to remember that every cat is unique, and therefore, each cat cremation is different. Various factors come into play when determining the cost of pet cremation. The weight of your pet, the type of cremation you choose (individual or communal) and additional services such as keepsakes, can all influence the overall cost. There may also be after hours fees for cremations conducted out of regular hours.

Step By Step Guide to Pet Cremation

Step 1: Pet Collection: Whether your pet’s passing was an unexpected event at home or a scheduled euthanasia, a pet cremation team will guide you through the process of having your pet collected.

Step 2: Next Steps: Once your pet has been collected, the team will walk you through each stage and allow you to participate in the process as much, or as little, as you like. You can expect to collect your cat’s ashes within 72 hours of their passing. This timeline covers the collection, cremation, cooling, processing and placement of their ashes in your chosen urn or keepsake.

Step 3: Group or Individual Cremation: You’ll be presented with the option of group or individual pet cremation. You’ll need to decide if you want your pet cremated simultaneously with other pets or individually. Keep in mind, if you choose a group cremation, there is no guarantee the ashes you receive will be solely your pet.

Step 4: Special Requests: If you’ve chosen individual cremation, you can make special requests for your cat’s cremation. This might include things like removing a special collar, keeping a lock of their hair as a keepsake, or requesting a paw print of your pet for framing.

Step 5: Pet Urn or Keepsakes: You can opt to be present during the cremation, or you can be notified when the process in finished. Your pet’s ashes will be placed in a temporary urn until you decide on your preferred permanent urn. You can choose from a wide variety of pet urns, including biodegradable urns, metal urns, scatter tubes, timber urns and a selection of other keepsake options.

Step 6: Ash Scattering: Once you’ve brought your pet’s ashes home in your chosen urn, you can discuss with your family whether you’d like to scatter the ashes, keep them in the urn to scatter later, or keep them permanently in the urn.

Pet Haven Animal Cremation: Say Goodbye with Dignity

At Pet Haven Animal Cremation, we provide compassionate cat cremation services that ensure your cherished feline companion receives the honourable farewell they deserve. Our promise to every family is that the cremation process and the care we take handling your pet will be of the same high standards that we provide for human cremations at our subsidiary Newhaven Funerals.

Both our Gold Coast and Brisbane locations specialise in respectful, individual pet cremation services so you receive all and only your pet’s ashes back. To learn more about our pet cremation services and range of urns and keepsakes, call our caring team today.

The Cost Of Gold Coast Pet Cremation

Losing a pet is never easy. But knowing how to properly care for your beloved pet during their final moments can help ease some of the pain. For many pet owners, that means choosing cremation. For assistance for caring for your pet when they are passing at home.

Pet cremation is an increasingly popular choice for pet owners on the Gold Coast. Not only is it a dignified option for your pet, but it can also be surprisingly affordable. We provide individual pet cremation for dogs, cats and other small animals. Here’s what you need to know about the cost of pet cremation on the Gold Coast.

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How Cost Of Pet Cremation Is Determined

The cost of animal cremation will vary depending on several factors, including the size of the animal as well as whether you opt for individual or group cremation.

Individual Pet Cremation

This option involves processing only one pet at a time in an individual chamber in the crematorium and allows for the collection of ashes to be kept or scattered according to your wishes. If your pet has recently passed, you may find that private cremation offers a huge sense of comfort. It allows you to have a tangible way to commemorate and honour their life and unique spirit.

Private cremation eliminates an element of uncertainty, as you will be able to receive a certified certificate of assurance that your pet’s remains are indeed those you requested and received. Private cremations are more costly than communal ones, however worth the expense for those seeking ceremony and closure.

At Pet Haven, we understand keeping the memory of your pet alive is important. This is why we only perform individual pet cremations. For further information, please get in touch with us.

Group Pet Cremation

This involves more than one animal being simultaneously placed within an oversized chamber. A group cremation means the ashes remaining will be impossible to separate.

Group cremation may be an optimal choice for those who find that individual cremation is out of their budget. This option also allows you to take comfort in knowing your pet will always be remembered in a dignified way, alongside other animals.

With either option, it’s important to know exactly what services are included in the price so you won’t encounter any surprises further down the line. It is also wise to shop around and compare prices with various service providers.

Experienced Pet Crematorium

Your much-loved pet’s remains should be treated with dignity and respect. When you leave the crematorium, it’s important to know that you have the ashes of your pet, and not someone else’s. Be sure to confirm the credentials and accreditation status of the company before booking the cremation service.

Of course, taking sufficient time to grieve is also essential when it comes time to say goodbye—but confirming that you have selected a quality cremation provider can help add an extra layer of comfort at this difficult time. Learn more about our Pet Haven story here.

Although every pet loss is a difficult one to handle, it’s important to ask about aftercare options for your beloved animal. One of the most significant cost factors in cremating your pet is the kind of urn or container you would like for their ashes.

Ceramic Urns

  • Having something tangible that not only serves as a memorial but also helps us feel connected to our deceased pet, can be extremely comforting. Urns provide an ideal solution for pet owners who want to keep or store their memories close by.
  • In addition to being a decorative centrepiece for remembrance, urns are also an effective way to keep your pet’s ashes safe and secure. With a vast array of styles, colours and sizes available, you can easily find the perfect urn itemized specifically to serve as a beautiful reflection of lost love. By investing in this lasting object of tribute and reverence, you can honour your special companion with dignity and style for many years to come.

Biodegradable Urns

  • Setting your beloved pet to rest can be an emotionally draining experience. Allowing them a dignified passing is something you want to do in their honour however, it’s also important to you that this process is affordable and has a minimal impact on the environment.
  • Luckily, biodegradable containers for your pet’s ashes give you peace of mind knowing that you chose a respectful and sustainable way to say goodbye.
  • Biodegradable containers are made from plant-based materials and will break down safely without releasing harmful toxins into the environment. It’s comforting to know that when the container decomposes, no trace of its existence remains but only fond memories of your beloved pet remain in your heart.

Ultimately, it comes down to whatever feels right for you and your family so don’t hesitate to ask your vet and the cremation service for advice on the kind of container that would be suitable.

Whichever type of container you decide on will serve as a lasting memorial of the love between you and your pet that will always remain close in your heart.

When deciding on a pet cremation provider, be sure to ask about any packages that may be available. Many providers have multiple packages on offer that provide different levels of service and add-ons such as memorial urns and pawprint keepsakes.

In closing, we want to express our sympathies to anyone who is grieving the loss of a beloved pet. May these final tips help ease the process as much as possible. Pets are a part of the family, and when they pass away it can be difficult to say goodbye.

At Pet Haven Animal Cremation, we offer pet cremation on the Gold Coast for a range animals. To learn more, contact us today via our website, or give us a call on 1800 789 567 to speak with one of our compassionate team members.

Questions To Ask When Getting A Pet Cremated

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Losing a beloved pet is always a heartbreaking time. It can be difficult to know how to handle the loss and what to do next, and it can take a long time to begin to recover from not having your treasured friend by your side.

We understand how challenging and upsetting this is, and when looking into pet cremation, you may be uncertain of how you should proceed.

Here, we hope to help you during this difficult time by guiding you through some of the questions you should ask when getting a pet cremated. To discuss with our experts, please reach out to us.

How Much Does Pet Cremation Cost?

While you might not want to think about something like money at a time like this, it is still an important consideration to take into account. A pet crematorium will be happy to discuss costs with you based on things like the weight and size of your pet, and you can ask a few questions in order to get the best service for the best price.

At Pet Haven, we have our most-chosen pet cremation packages listed on our website.

Will My Pet Be Individually Cremated?

Some pet crematoriums cremate pets in groups, whereas others will cremate pets one at a time. If you want to take home your pet’s ashes, it is essential to make sure you are receiving the right ones. Many crematoriums do not cremate pets individually, so ensure that you ask in advance.

Do I Receive My Pets Ashes After Cremation?

If you wish to receive your pet’s ashes, then you should make sure that the pet crematorium knows this ahead of time. You can also ask when you might hope to receive the ashes so that you can plan ahead. You can also request that they be presented in an urn, but it’s important to note that this will probably be at an extra cost.

Contact Us

It is important to ask whether pet cremation is for you. Everybody grieves for their pet differently, so call the crematorium and have a discussion about all these questions and more. Once you have discussed all of your options, you can move forward with however you wish to say farewell to your pet.

If you are interested in pet cremation that is respectful and helps to keep your pet’s memory alive, get in touch with Pet Haven. We want to help you to say goodbye to your pet in the best way possible, with compassion and love.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to see how we can support you at this time.

Questions To Ask Before Having Your Pet Cremated

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Losing a pet can be incredibly difficult. For many of us, the process of organising a pet cremation or burial is fraught with grief and stress, and asking big questions isn’t always the first thing on our minds.

But it’s important to ask a few questions of your pet cremator so that you know exactly what to expect from the service you’re paying for.

Here are five questions to bear in mind when choosing a pet cremation company.

Will My Pet be Cremated On Their Own?

Group Vs. Individual Pet Cremation

Most pet cremation companies will offer a choice of group or individual pet cremations, which means your pet will either be cremated on their own or as a group.

While individual pet cremations may cost a little more, they guarantee privacy at a time when it’s most needed.

At Pet Haven Animal Cremation, we ONLY perform individual cremations to ensure that the ashes you receive are from your pet and only your pet. As a family owned and operated business, we understand that pets are family members and will always be treated with the utmost respect while in our care.

How Long Does Pet Cremation Take?

You don’t want to be waiting weeks to receive your pet’s cremains once the cremation has been done.

As alot of pet cremation companies are run differently, this can differ from business to business. We always recommend ensuring you are 100% understanding and comfortable with the process and arrangements made.

At Pet Haven, you will receive a call within a matter of days when your pets ashes are ready to collect or to arrange drop-off back to you.

For any further queries or concerns you may have, our team our available via phone 24/7 on 1800 789 567 or you can enquire online or email us.

We offer a range of urns and keepsakes for your pet. Whether you are looking for a scatter tube until you find the right location for their forever or if you prefer to keep them close always.

We offer packages that include the cremation of your pet as well as urns/keepsakes and a death certificate or even a lock of their fur or a paw print depending on your request.

We also offer ModUrn which is a secure app to save photos, videos, notes and registration information that can be shared with family and friends.

How Will You Identify My Pet’s Cremains?

If you choose individual cremation, your pet’s cremains should be easily identified.

However, you may be worried that in a group cremation your pet’s cremains could be hard to identify, it’s important to ask your cremation company how they keep your pet separate from others.

At Pet Haven, we guarantee that ALL pets are cremated individually so you never have to worry. For further information regarding pet cremation at Pet Haven, please reach out to us or enquire online.

Please Reach Out To Us

At Pet Haven, we provide individual pet cremations for guinea pigs, rats, fish, birds, cats, dogs, llamas, sheep among other animals of similar size.

We also provide combined cremations if you have two pets you would like kept together.

If you’d like to ask us any questions about your pet’s cremation, including those above, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone 1800 789 567 or email.

We’re here to help you through this difficult time in whatever way we can.