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woman cuddling cat - pet cremation Gold Coast & BrisbaneAt Pet Haven Animal Cremation, we understand the very close bond that a family creates with their pet and how they become an important member of the family.

We know your treasured pet is an important part of the family and should be honoured when they pass away.

Our promise to every family is that the cremation process and the care in handling your best friend will be of the same high standards that we provide for human crematoriums at our subsidiary Newhaven Funerals.


Dignified & Respectful Pet Cremation

We are proud of the care we take and the procedures we have in place to ensure your best friend is treated with the utmost respect, receives an individual cremation and you receive all and only your pet’s ashes back.


We offer affordable, dignified and compassionate pet cremation services that are suitable for cats, dogs, llama, sheep, guinea pigs, birds, rats, lizards, snakes and other small pets at our on-site crematorium.


Pet Cremation & Keepsake Packages

Browse our most frequently chosen pet cremation options below. Prices listed are including the cremation fee and collection from home or vet during working hours as well as urn or keepsakes. You can call us to know what you can expect on the cremation for your beloved pets.

Please Note: After hours fee of $160 applies between 5.00pm and 8.00am.

If you have another idea in mind, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will do our best to make this possible for you.

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    Compassionate, Dignified & Loving Pet Farewells

    "I lost my beautiful girls within weeks of each other. They were cremated by Pethaven Animal cremation and rest peacefully together." - Libby V.

    Read more of our testimonials >

    Our Cremation & Urn Packages

    Our most selected packages are listed below. Please note that the prices are based on weight of the animal. If your pet is over 35kgs, please reach out to us to arrange suitable options.

    • Small 15-25kg
    • Medium 25-35kg
    • Large >35kg

    Please Note: After hours fee of $160 applies between 5.00pm and 8.00am.

    temporary urn white

    Cremation & Temporary Urn

    This package includes the pick up of pet from your home or vet during working hours*, individual pet cremation, cremation certificate and temporary urn.

    • Small $250
    • Medium $270
    • Large $290
    scatter tube for pets

    Cremation & Scatter Tube

    This package includes the pick up of pet from your home or vet during working hours*, individual pet cremation, cremation certificate and scatter tube. 

    • Small $270
    • Medium $290
    • Large $325
    PawPrint Keepsake

    Paw Print Keepsake

    This package includes the pick up of pet from your home or vet during working hours*, individual pet cremation, cremation certificate and paw print keepsake. (Please note: keepsake will only contain a small portion)

    • Small $325
    • Medium $345
    • Large $375
    classic pet urn - midnight 

    Paw Print Pet Urn

    This package includes the pick up of pet from your home or vet during working hours*, individual pet cremation, cremation certificate and paw print pet urn. 

    • Medium $395
    • Large $425

    Step By Step Guide To Pet Cremation

    Losing a pet is a difficult time, and not knowing the process of what happens during the cremation process can make it even more upsetting. With understanding the process and knowing what options you have; you’ll be able to make a more informed decision through your grieving time. Here are the steps of pet cremation.


    Step 1: Collecting Your Pet

    If your pet has passed away at your vet, they will be able to give you the information about contacting a pet cremation centre. Whether the pet has passed away from an emergency at home or scheduled euthanasia, our caring staff will be able to guide you through their process of collecting your pet.

    If your pet has passed away at your home, the same process applies, and our professional staff will be able to come to your home immediately.

    Step 2: What Do I Need To Do?

    Once your pet has been collected, the staff at our Gold Coast pet crematorium welcome you to be involved in the process as much or as little as you like. They will guide you through the process, and you can expect to be able to collect the ashes of your pet within 72 hours in normal circumstances. This time frame allows for the collection, the cremation, the cooling, the processing and placement in the selected urn and/or keepsake.

    Step 3: Group or Individual Pet Cremation

    Choose what type of cremation. You will be given a choice of either group or individual cremations. You’ll need to decide if you want your pet cremated with other animals at the same time, or on their own.

    If you decided on a group cremation, there is no guarantee the ashes you received will only be of your pet. Individual cremations ensure the ashes you receive are only from your pet, and they are safely returned to you. At Pet Haven, we specialise in individual pet cremation

    Step 4: Special Requests

    If you’ve decided on an individual cremation, you can also have special requests granted. This could be something like removing something from your pet such as a special collar, a lock of hair for a keepsake, or even requesting a paw print of your pet to have framed later. Our team will not charge for this additional service. We welcome you to discuss any queries and/or concerns you may have.

    Step 5: Pet Urns & Keepsakes

    You may request to be onsite during the cremation, or you can be informed when the process is completed. Your pets’ ashes will go into a temporary urn until you have decided on the type of urn you’d like.

    There is a large selection of different types of urns for pets available including: Biodegradable urns, Metal urns, Scatter tubes and Timber urns as well as a range of keepsake jewellery options.

    When picking an urn, you’ll need to take into consideration: The weight & size of your pet, The design of your home or garden, Where you want to place the urn and Your budget.


    Step 6: Scattering Your Pets Ashes

    Once you’ve taken home your pet’s ashes in your urn, you can decide with your family if you’d like to scatter the ashes, keep them in the urn for a later date or keep them permanently in the urn. Some ideas of where to scatter the ashes could be a Favourite bush trail, Favourite beach or creek, Favourite dog park, Private gardens or even Your backyard.

    If you do decide on scattering ashes on private land, it is essential to get permission from the owner of private land or the Trust of Parks and Reserves or the location council for parks and beaches. The scattering of ashes may contravene the provisions of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 in terms of air or water pollution. Disposal of ashes without consent could result in legal proceedings. To ensure the scattering of your pet’s ashes is peaceful and trouble-free, get in touch with the landowner ahead of time.


    If you decide you or someone in your family may need grief support during this time, several resources can assist. The team at Pet Haven are available for contact 24/7 at 1800 789 567, and we can send out professional staff to your home or your vet immediately.

    Contact us today to allow us to help your family in the final arrangements of your pet’s farewell.

    Pet Cremation Gold Coast FAQs

    How do I know the ashes I receive are definitely my pet's?
    At Pet Haven, we use a special tagging system to identify each pet that comes into our care. This enables us to match the pets with the right paperwork throughout the cremation process. We have purpose-built pet cremators to cremate one pet at a time, so you will receive only your pet’s ashes.
    What is pet cremation?
    Cremation is a method of reducing your pet’s remains to ashes after he/she dies. It involves exposing the remains to intense heat to reduce them to ashes which can then be returned to you to lay your pet to rest in a manner of your choosing. Pet Haven offer an affordable, dignified and compassionate pet cremation service during this difficult time for you.
    Do you offer any kind of keepsakes for pets before cremation takes place?
    You can request a paw print or a lock of fur as part of your pet cremation package at Pet Haven. We also offer a wider range of different urns to suit your preferences. These can be a rewarding way to remember your pet after it has died and many of our clients like us to provide this additional service when they bring their pet to us.
    Can I watch my pet's cremation?
    For an additional charge, we can allow you to witness the beginning of the cremation process from our Pet Haven viewing room. We are only able to offer this service for the first cremation of the day, which occurs early in the morning.
    Do you only cremate cats and dogs?

    While cats and dogs are the animals we create most often, we can also offer cremation for smaller animals like guinea pigs, rats, lizards and snakes. Please note our facilities are not sufficient to cremate larger animals like horses, but we can facilitate animals such as sheep and llamas.

    Is it possible for me to supply my own urn for the ashes?
    If you already possess a preferred urn for the cremation, we can accommodate this as part of our service. Simply supply us with the urn and we will be happy to place your pet’s ashes in it for the same price as an individual cremation with a scatter box. Afterwards, you and your family can decide whether you would like to scatter the ashes or have alternative plans for them.
    Where do my pet's ashes go if I choose not to have them returned to me?
    If you would prefer not to have your pet’s ashes returned, they will be scattered in a dignified manner on your behalf. You can rest assured your pet’s remains and ashes will be treated with the utmost respect throughout their time under our care.
    Can I come and visit your premises?
    Yes, please do come along and visit Pet Haven if you are local to the Gold Coast and wish to see what we do. Check our contact page for office hours and call ahead before coming along to visit so that we are expecting you when you arrive.
    What regions do you serve?
    We are located in Gold Coast, so we service that region and surrounding areas like Brisbane and Northern Rivers. Give us a call if you wish to enquire about whether we can help you.
    Still have questions?
    Our friendly team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have. Simply give us a call on 1800 789 567 or email Our lines are open around the clock so we will be able to answer your questions promptly and compassionately at this difficult time.