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A Tribute to Your Companion

At Pet Haven, we believe in celebrating the unique bond you share with your pet. Our carefully curated selection of pet urns and keepsakes is designed to offer a beautiful and dignified tribute to your furry friend’s life.

Pets are more than just animals; they are cherished members of our families. In their honour, Pet Haven provides an array of pet urns and keepsakes that allow you to preserve and cherish their memory. From traditional urns to personalised keepsakes, we offer options to suit every preference, ensuring your pet’s personality shines through in their memorial.

Exquisite Pet Urns

Our pet urns are more than containers; they are works of art crafted to reflect the unique spirit of your beloved pet. For instance, our Rainbow Bridge Pet Urn, handcrafted and hand-painted, symbolises the journey your pet takes to a place of peace. Our Love Drop Pet Urn, with its teardrop shape and pearlescent texture, embodies the depth of your love and the loss you feel. Each urn is carefully selected to ensure it offers a fitting tribute to your pet’s life.

Customisation: A Personal Touch

Understanding that each pet is unique, we offer customisation options for our urns and keepsakes. You can personalise these memorials with your pet’s name, a special photo, or a heartwarming message, creating a one-of-a-kind tribute that truly represents the bond you shared.

Eco-Friendly Options

For those who prefer a sustainable option, our biodegradable urns are ideal. These urns allow for a nature-inspired memorial, perfect for pets who loved the outdoors. They decompose naturally, ensuring your pet’s final resting place is as environmentally conscious as it is poignant.

Pet Urns

Rainbow bridge pet urn - Gold Coast pet urns

Rainbow Bridge Pet Urn

“Though we cannot bring back our loved ones, we do have the comfort in knowing they are waiting fot us to join them once again at the Rainbow Bridge”.

Entirely handcrafted and handpainted, the Rainbow Bridge pet urn was designed to express the uniqueness of your pet and the life lived.

*Threaded screw opening at bottom

Tear drop pet urn
Love Drop Pet Urn

This tear drop shaped pet urn symbolises the deep emotions experienced when losing a furry friend. With a beautiful pearlescent texture and detailed silver paws.

*Available in Midnight, Bronze & Pearl

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    Compassionate, Dignified & Loving Pet Farewells

    "I lost my beautiful girls within weeks of each other. They were cremated by Pethaven Animal cremation and rest peacefully together." - Libby V.

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    Adore Pet urn
    Adore Pet Urn

    This curved midnight urn is the new generation of pet urns. Graceful colourings with accented silver paws to symbolise your furry friend. Available in 3 sizes; Large, Medium & Small.

    *Threaded lid opens at top

    Pearl love paws pet urn
    Love Paws Pet Urn

    Available in three sizes midnight, bronze, pearl and red coloured finishes, the heart shape of the love paws pet urn symbolises the loving relationship between furry friend and their human companion.

    *Threaded screw opening at bottom

    Heart urn Holder
    Heart Urn / Keepsake Holder

    These heart urn / keepsake holders are perfect to cradle your heart urns at just the right angle. Made from thick high strength wire. Available in Brushed Pewter & Brushed Gold as well as two different sizes.

    classic pet urn - midnight
    Classic Pet Urn

    These classic pet urns are perfect for a simple home with a twist for your beloved furry friend. Available in a Pewter (Silver) and midnight shades. in three different sizes.

    *Threaded lid opens at top

    Cuddle pet urn in brass
    Cuddle Pet Urn

    Cuddle pet urns are a rounded shorter version of a classic urn with gold and silver paw accents. Available in large, medium and small as well as solid brass and midnight colourings.

    *Threaded lid opens at top

    Majestic pet urn in brass
    Majestic Paws Pet Urn

    Majestic paws pet urn is a perfect memorial for your furry friend. Two toned silver & gold paw prints detail this tall brass urn.

    *Threaded lid opens at top

    Simplicity Pearl pet urn
    Simplicity Pearl Pet Urn

    Pearlescent enamel is hand applied to each pet urn to create a prismatic effect that mimics the pearl sheen from inside an oyster. The Simplicity Urn is available in Bronze and Pearl as well as three different sizes.

    *Threaded lid opens at top

    Gold Leaf Pet urn
    Elegant Leaf Pet Urn

    This Elegant Leaf Pet Urn is a navy blue / green urn with gold leaf. Available in three different sizes.

    *Threaded lid opens at top

    Candle pet urn - brass pet urn
    Candle / Tealight Urn

    Candle / Tealight Urns are perfect to remember your beloved pet while lighting a tealight candle in their memory. Available in two sizes and three different shades.

    *Threaded chamber opens at top

    Princess cat urn
    Princess Cat Urn

    Remember the princess of your heart with these stunning Swarovski detailed princess cat urn. Available in White, Midnight and Bronze.

    *Threaded screw opening on bottom.

    cat figurine urn
    Cat Figurine Urns

    Handcrafted pearlescent cat figurines are perfect for remembering your furry friend after their passing. Cat Figurine Urns are available in Bronze, White and Midnight.

    *Threaded screw opening on bottom.

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    Sizes for Every Pet

    We recognise that pets come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our urns. From large urns suitable for dogs and cats to smaller keepsakes for hamsters and rodents, we have an urn to suit every pet. Our team is always ready to assist you in choosing the perfect size, ensuring your pet’s memory is honoured in the best possible way.

    Get In Touch With Our Caring Team

    To find out more about our range of pet urns and keepsakes, or to order yours today, get in touch with the team at Pet Haven. We’re happy to offer advice on the best choice for your beloved pet from our base on the Gold Coast.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What size pet urns should I purchase?

    We offer a wide range of urns to suit all budgets and preferences. And because we know that pets come in all shapes and sizes, we carry urns catering for pets weighing from 1kg up to 65kg.

    A general guide is one cup of ashes per nine kgs, but crematory processes can vary. If you are unsure about the size you need, we recommend that you reach out to us to discuss with an expert. With a little bit of planning, you can be sure to choose the perfect pet urn to cherish your beloved pet’s memory.

    Where can I place my keepsake or urn?

    At Pet Haven, we understand that the loss of a pet can be a difficult and emotional time. We offer a wide range of beautiful hand-made urns to help you memorialise your beloved pet. Our urns are made of high-quality materials and are designed to complement your home.

    They can be placed inside or outside, depending on your preference. If you choose to bury your pet in the garden, our urns are also the perfect size to fit in their favourite spot.

    Why should I cremate my pet?

    When a beloved pet dies, it can be difficult to know how to say goodbye. For many people, the thought of burial or incineration is simply too painful. However, there are a number of reasons why cremation may be the best option for both you and your pet.

    First, it is often more cost-effective than other methods of disposition. Second, cremation eliminates the need for a funeral or memorial service, which can be emotionally draining. Finally, cremation allows you to keep your pet’s ashes as a keepsake or to scatter them in a place that was special to your pet. While there is no single right way to deal with the death of a pet, cremation may be the best option for those who want to keep their memories close at hand in a beautifully designed urn.

    What are the different types of pet cremation urns and keepsakes?

    These urns come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be made from different materials such as ceramic, wood, or metal.

    In addition, We can offer custom-made urns that can be personalised with your pet’s name, photo, or other details. Finally, there are a number of keepsakes that can be created from your pet’s ashes, such as jewellery, garden stones, or even glass sculptures. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect way to remember your furry friend.

    How do I prepare for a pet cremation?

    Pet Haven is a Gold Coast pet cremation service that offers a dignified and respectful way to say goodbye to your beloved pet. We understand that losing a pet is a difficult and emotional experience, and we are here to help.

    We offer two convenient options for collecting your pet. We can either pick up your pet from your home or vet, or you can bring them to us. Once your pet has been collected, we will take care of the cremation process.

    We offer a variety of urns and keepsakes, so you can choose the best way to remember your pet. We will then return your pet’s ashes to you in the urn or keepsake of your choosing. Pet Haven is here to help you through this difficult time, so contact us if you have any questions.

    How do I transfer my pet's ashes to my new urn?

    If your beloved pet has been cremated by us, we will transfer their cremated remains into your chosen urn for you.

    If you have had your pet cremated elsewhere, their remains should have been supplied to you in a temporary urn. The remains themselves will be stored within this urn inside a sealed plastic bag.

    Most people prefer to keep the remains in the bag and transfer them to their chosen urn. To do this, simply open the temporary urn, remove the plastic bag and place it in your new urn.

    If you do not wish to keep the remains in the bag or wish to separate them into several keepsake urns, simply cut one corner of the plastic bag to create a small hole. Then pour the remains into your new urn or urns, through a funnel to prevent spillage.

    What is a keepsake urn?

    A keepsake urn is a small urn designed to hold a portion of your beloved pet’s cremated remains. They are commonly used when several family members wish to keep a token amount of remains.

    Alternatively, some people prefer to keep a small sample of remains and intern or scatter the rest. This is especially useful if family members have differing views on whether the remains should be kept or scattered.

    What is keepsake jewellery?

    Keepsake jewellery allows you to keep a token amount of your beloved pet’s cremated remains with you all the time. They are popular with people who want to feel close to their pets even though they are no longer with them.

    Keepsake jewellery can be worn as a pendant necklace or bracelet charm. Various sizes of keepsake jewellery are available, but the most common size holds around half a teaspoon of cremated remains.

    Is keepsafe jewellery secure?

    Yes, most keepsake pendants and charms contain a small chamber for the remains. The chamber is secured using a screw top which should keep them safe. But if you are worried about it coming loose, apply a small amount of super glue to the thread before closing.

    Can I put personal items in the urn with my pet?

    Yes, you can put anything you wish in the urn with your pet’s cremated remains. This could be a favourite collar or other mementos. If you wish to do this, it’s worth thinking about buying a larger urn than is necessary for the remains.

    Can I have my pet cremated with their favourite toy or collar?

    We always ask if you would like to keep the collar and other personal items or have them cremated with your beloved pet. This is a personal decision and there is no right or wrong answer. We are happy to accommodate your wishes, whatever you decide to do.

    In some cases, it’s even possible to remove the metal collar fragments from the remains after cremation using a magnet. So even after cremation, you can still change your mind about how you want to manage the remains.

    Do I need to seal the lid of the urn?

    We supply your beloved pets’ remains in a sealed plastic bag, so there is no need to seal the urn as well.

    However, if you are transferring the remains to separate keepsake urns, it may be necessary to seal the main urn once the bag has been opened. This will depend on the type of urn chosen.

    We stock a large collection of urns, some of which have threaded lids. This type of urn is ideal because there is no need to seal them, even if the bag has been opened.

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