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Losing any friend or family member can be exceptionally hard to experience, so when you have to say goodbye to a pet, we understand how painful the grief can feel. With birds, their vibrant charm and characteristics can leave a void in your life, and with some living up to fifty years or more, you are certain to want the best end of life commemoration for your feathered friend.

Here at Pet Haven, we offer plenty of options for your bird, from special urns to compassionate cremation services. We believe that we should offer just as many opportunities to your parrot or budgerigar as a dog or cat.  Please browse our range of pet cremation services here on our site today.

Cremation For Pet Birds

If you are looking for a compassionate service to cremate your bird, look no further. We take our role in your pet’s life very seriously and ensure that they receive the perfect send-off to the rainbow bridge, where they can await your reunion later. Our honest and reliable team will always be guiding you through every step of the journey, so you will never feel like you are undergoing the experience alone.

We know that birds can make some of the best companions for people. Their songs lift our moods in the morning and serenade us to sleep. The colours on their striking plumages are wonderful to look at, and they can learn to communicate using mimicry of our own voices, which means that we can occasionally have conversations with our pets. This can make it especially hard to say goodbye.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for further information.

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    If your bird has recently become old or unwell, then similar to how someone might create a will, you can work with us to create a tailored cremation plan for your pet. We can talk you through the entire process from start to finish, exploring the cost and ethical practices behind the process and help you to choose an urn which is the right size for your pet’s ashes.

    If you are feeling particularly upset, then we can help to ease your grief by offering sympathy and compassion to your situation, reminding you of the wonderful times you have shared with your beautiful friend. Please reach out to us.


    Which birds can you cremate?

    We cremate birds of all types and sizes. If you have concerns about your particular pet’s species, please contact our team to discuss options.

    Can I keep one of their feathers?

    Yes, you can. Holding onto a feather is a beautiful way to remember your bird’s life, especially if you decide to bury or scatter their ashes. It can serve as a reminder to you of both their vibrant colour and personality.

    How long does cremation take?

    Cremation is a quick process which roughly lasts an hour for birds.

    For an additional charge, you can witness the beginning of the cremation process from our viewing room, although we’re only able to offer this service for the first cremation of the day, which occurs early in the morning.

    How much does bird cremation cost?

    To get your bird cremated, you will be charged around $250, though this might increase with the size of your pet.

    We also offer packages including:

    • Cremation & urn
    • Cremation & temporary urn
    • Cremation & scatter tube
    • Keepsake packages

    An after-hours fee will also apply between 5-8pm. For a tailored quote, please contact us today on 1800 789 567.

    What happens if I want to scatter my bird’s ashes?

    You may wish to scatter your bird’s ashes in a place that is meaningful to you, such as a favourite park, your home garden, or a special location in nature. However, it is important to be mindful of your local laws and regulations when considering these options. If you opt for scattering or burying ashes, make sure that the chosen location allows it.

    Why should I choose cremation?

    Cremation is a great choice for bird owners who wish to memorialise their beloved feathered friend, for the following reasons:

    1. Cremation provides you with a small amount of ashes that can be kept as a memorial, unlike burial where the remains are buried underground.
    2. Additionally, cremation eliminates the need to find a suitable burial site that is both legal and suitable for the deceased pet.
    3. It also gives pet owners greater control over the final disposition of their pet’s remains, as you can decide what will be done with the ashes rather than leaving it up to a third party.

    What kind of container can I use to store my bird’s ashes?

    Pet Haven offers a variety of carefully selected urns and keepsakes for storing your bird’s ashes. Choose from a selection of traditional urns, modern app-based designs or biodegradable urns which are a popular choice for those looking to curate a nature-inspired memorial, allowing your pet to rest peacefully in an environment they loved. You can browse our catalogue here on our website.

    What if I don’t want my bird’s ashes returned to me?

    If you’d prefer not to have your pet’s ashes returned, they will be scattered in a dignified manner on your behalf. You can rest assured your pet’s remains and ashes will be treated with the utmost respect throughout their time under our care.

    Can I supply my own urn for the ashes?

    If you have a preferred urn for the cremation, we can accommodate this as part of our service. Simply supply us with the urn and we will be happy to place your pet’s ashes in it for the same price as an individual cremation with a scatter box.

    Where can I access grief support services?

    If you or someone in your family needs grief support during this time, we offer several resources to help. Our Pet Haven team is available for contact 24/7 at 1800 789 567, and we can send out professional staff to your home or vet immediately.

    What are key steps involved in having my bird cremated?

    Key steps in cremating your bird include:

    • Receiving your bird: Whether your bird has passed away at home or at a vet, our caring staff will be able to guide you through their process of retrieving them for cremation.
    • Cremation: Once we’ve received your bird, you’re welcome to be involved in the process as much or as little as you like. Choose between group or individual cremation and decide which package or service/s you’d like.
    • Special requests: Please notify us of any special requests, such as keeping a feather.
    • Collection: You’ll be able to collect your bird’s ashes within 72 hours in normal circumstances. This timeframe allows for the collection, cremation, cooling, processing and placement in the selected urn and/or keepsake.
    • Scattering the ashes: Once you’ve taken your pet’s ashes home, you can decide if you’d like to scatter the ashes, keep them in the urn for a later date or keep them permanently in the urn.

    Where should I scatter my bird’s ashes?

    Popular locations for scattering the ashes of your bird can include:

    • A favourite park, beach, creek or bush trail
    • Private garden or backyard
    • Other special location in nature

    We recommend choosing a place that is meaningful to you and the relationship with your bird.

    Are there restrictions for scattering ashes?

    If you decide on scattering ashes on private land, it’s essential to get permission from the owner of private land or the Trust of Parks and Reserves or the location council for parks and beaches. The scattering of ashes may contravene the provisions of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 in terms of air or water pollution. Disposal of ashes without consent could result in legal proceedings. To ensure the scattering of your pet’s ashes is peaceful and trouble-free, get in touch with the landowner ahead of time.

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