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They may only be small in stature, but our small pets are still a massive presence in our lives. Whether you own a rat, mouse, rabbit, bird, fish, or any other kind of small pet, they deserve a send-off fitting for a life well lived and loved.

Small pet cremation is a viable choice of send-off that many Australian pet owners consider when their companion sadly passes away.

At Pet Haven, we understand that sometimes you want to keep your beloved small pet with you forever. Having a pet cremation is the perfect way to honour their life and have something to remember them by.

Furthermore, cremating your small pet is a respectful way to handle their body once they have moved on. It’s a swift and painless option for everyone involved, with minimal stress or fuss on your part.

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Pocket Pet Cremations

If you’re a small pet owner living on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Logan or surrounds and you’re in need of sensitive and empathetic pet cremation services, look no further than Pet Haven.

We take the final farewell of your small pet very seriously and aim to provide you with the bespoke cremation you need to say goodbye.

Our tactile and understanding team will work with you to ensure that we get the cremation of your small pet just as you envisioned it.

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    Compassionate, Dignified & Loving Pet Farewells
    Depending on the size of your small pet, you may be able to keep their ashes in a keepsake. At Pet Haven, we have a variety of urns, scatter tubes and other personal keepsakes to keep your small pet close to you.

    Please be aware that, if your pet is particularly small, there may not be any ashes left for you to keep. However, we will inform you if this is the case, and there may be other keepsake options available to you so that you can still keep your small pet nearby.

    Simplicity Pearl pet urn

    Saying Goodbye

    Sometimes, you want to prepare your pet’s final goodbye before they’ve passed. In doing so, you have the assurance that you’ve already made the necessary preparations to send them off in the manner that they deserve.

    Whether your small pet is old, unwell, or if you simply want to plan ahead, we can work with you to create a tailored cremation plan for when the time comes around. We will provide you all the details on what you can expect on the cremation of your beloved pet.

    "I lost my beautiful girls within weeks of each other. They were cremated by Pethaven Animal cremation and rest peacefully together." - Libby V.

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    If you want to arrange a cremation for your small pet, or you would like to learn more about small pet cremations in preparation for saying goodbye to your beloved companion, simply reach out to Pet Haven today.

    Our team are here to offer you sympathy and compassion during what is understandably a difficult time. We will work with you to ensure your needs are met and that you walk away with a renewed sense of contentment.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Choose Individual Pet Cremation?

    The decision on what to do with your pet when they pass away is a highly individual choice. Some people like to bury their pet in their yard or another destination that meant something to both the pet and the owner.

    At Pet haven Animal Cremation, we provide individual pet cremation for your dog or cats or any type pets so that you can ensure that after the cremation process, you get to keep your pet forever in the form of a pet urn / keepsake.

    Individual pet cremation also means that we can cremate your pet with their favourite toy to provide them forever comfort.

    Do I Need To Bring My Pet To You For Cremation?

    There are a few different options available here. If the pet passed at home, you can bring them to us yourself – but we understand this can be traumatic. So our team can arrange a collection process for you. We will also share an advice on what to do if your pet dies at home so that you can deal with the pain of losing your pet .

    If your pet passed at a vet’s clinic, you will be able to choose what happens next and we can arrange to have your pet brought to us for cremation. To make this process simple, we will deal directly with the designated veterinary clinic for you.

    Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any questions or concerns you may have. We are available 24/7 by calling 1800 789 567.

    Which Pet Cremation Services Do You Offer?
    There is a range of different options available and keepsakes you can keep your beloved pet’s ashes in so that you can remember them forever.

    These include options to display, so you can scatter their ashes at one of their favourite play spots and temporary options so that you can transfer them into another display option later on.

    You can browse our range of pet cremation packages to find an option that suits your needs and budget or reach out to us to discuss further. We are available 24/7

    Which Animals Can Be Cremated?
    While cat cremation and dog cremation are the most common, we can also assist with all kinds of different pets as well. We have options available for pets that are under 35kg of all descriptions including birds, guinea pigs, fish and more.

    For pets over 35kg, please contact us and we will do our best to be of assistance.

    How Do I Know The Ashes I Receive Belong To My Pet?
    We understand how important this is for pet owners. You want to know that the ashes are a genuine part of your pet so you can cherish them forever.

    We only perform individualised services and cremations are carried out one at a time in different areas to ensure mix ups do not occur. Our team are heavily experienced and educated in pet cremation and their caring natures means every cremation is carried out with the utmost respect for your pet.