Your cat isn’t just a pet, but a beloved family member. For many, a cat’s passing can be a heartbreaking experience. Following your cat’s departure, you might find yourself in mourning, navigating feelings of loss and uncertainty about what to do next. If you’re looking to find a dignified farewell for your feline friend, our caring team explains the steps involved in compassionate cat cremations, along with the associated costs.
A Quality Pet Urn

Why Should I Cremate My Cat?

Pet cremation services are becoming more popular with families across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. A cremation provides a peaceful opportunity for owners to say a final farewell to their feline friends, while keeping a part of them close, even after they’ve passed. Pet cremation providers understand the emotional toll of parting ways with a furry friend and can arrange a customised farewell for your feline, while offering compassionate guidance during a trying time.

What Options Do I Have for My Cat’s Cremation?

Respectful, Individual Pet Cremation

You should find a respectful and compassionate pet cremation provider, who treats the pet cremation process with the same respect as they would a human cremation. Choose a pet cremation service which offers individual pet cremation. This ensures that your cat is cremated separately, offering a more private and compassionate service, while guaranteeing the ashes you receive are solely from your cat.

Pet Cremation & Keepsake Packages

For those looking to honour their cat’s memory in a unique way, pet cremation & keepsake packages can be an ideal choice. These services offer the cremation process along with keepsakes such as special urns, boxes or jewellery that hold your pet’s ashes, allowing you to keep a piece of your pet nearby always.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Pet Cremation

It’s important to remember that every cat is unique, and therefore, each cat cremation is different. Various factors come into play when determining the cost of pet cremation. The weight of your pet, the type of cremation you choose (individual or communal) and additional services such as keepsakes, can all influence the overall cost. There may also be after hours fees for cremations conducted out of regular hours.

Step By Step Guide to Pet Cremation

Step 1: Pet Collection: Whether your pet’s passing was an unexpected event at home or a scheduled euthanasia, a pet cremation team will guide you through the process of having your pet collected.

Step 2: Next Steps: Once your pet has been collected, the team will walk you through each stage and allow you to participate in the process as much, or as little, as you like. You can expect to collect your cat’s ashes within 72 hours of their passing. This timeline covers the collection, cremation, cooling, processing and placement of their ashes in your chosen urn or keepsake.

Step 3: Group or Individual Cremation: You’ll be presented with the option of group or individual pet cremation. You’ll need to decide if you want your pet cremated simultaneously with other pets or individually. Keep in mind, if you choose a group cremation, there is no guarantee the ashes you receive will be solely your pet.

Step 4: Special Requests: If you’ve chosen individual cremation, you can make special requests for your cat’s cremation. This might include things like removing a special collar, keeping a lock of their hair as a keepsake, or requesting a paw print of your pet for framing.

Step 5: Pet Urn or Keepsakes: You can opt to be present during the cremation, or you can be notified when the process in finished. Your pet’s ashes will be placed in a temporary urn until you decide on your preferred permanent urn. You can choose from a wide variety of pet urns, including biodegradable urns, metal urns, scatter tubes, timber urns and a selection of other keepsake options.

Step 6: Ash Scattering: Once you’ve brought your pet’s ashes home in your chosen urn, you can discuss with your family whether you’d like to scatter the ashes, keep them in the urn to scatter later, or keep them permanently in the urn.

Pet Haven Animal Cremation: Say Goodbye with Dignity

At Pet Haven Animal Cremation, we provide compassionate cat cremation services that ensure your cherished feline companion receives the honourable farewell they deserve. Our promise to every family is that the cremation process and the care we take handling your pet will be of the same high standards that we provide for human cremations at our subsidiary Newhaven Funerals.

Both our Gold Coast and Brisbane locations specialise in respectful, individual pet cremation services so you receive all and only your pet’s ashes back. To learn more about our pet cremation services and range of urns and keepsakes, call our caring team today.