A beautiful pet urn can help you commemorate your pet’s life in a personal way. You may choose to scatter your pet’s ashes or bury the entire urn.

If you choose to scatter your pet’s ashes, there are many options available to make this process meaningful. Some people prefer scattering at a place that was special to their pets, such as hiking trails or a favourite beach. If you like the idea of having a physical place for reflection, scattering your pet’s ashes in such a location can be very comforting (and is typically legal).

Others find it meaningful to spread their companion’s remains among plants and flowers in their yard or into the wind from their front porch. Continue reading or reach out to speak to our friendly team.

Classic Wood Urns

Classic wood urns are a standard style of pet urn, with the look and feel of human urns. They’re made from wood or metal, and they often feature designs or shapes. If you’re looking for an urn that can be displayed in your home, these are perfect. We can also provide wooden urns with a photo of your pet.

Because these classic urns are built like a sturdy box, they can also be buried in the ground.. A brass plate screwed into the top of a metal box will hold up to being buried in soil very well. Some wooden urns come with bases that slide over the bottom of the box to add extra strength when being placed outdoors.

Metal, Brass & Alloy Urns

At Pet Haven, we have many options to choose from in many different sizes, colourings and shapes. This means you can choose the one that most suits your pet and your family.

Unlike many urns, some of our options allow you to personalise with engravings or even photos to help remember your beloved friend.

If you plan on keeping the ashes close to you, a metal pet urn might be best. Metal becomes weak and brittle over time, so it may have trouble standing up against environmental elements that could damage it so they are best kept inside out of the weather.

Its also important to keep in mind that metal pet urns can become quite heavy so its important to keep it in a secure spot without the need to move regularly.

Outdoor Pet Urns

For those who would like a permanent resting place for their pet’s remains, some families choose burial as an option. Burial may require approval by local authorities, which may depend on how deep you plan on burying the urn and whether it is located on public property (such as parks) or private property (such as backyards).

For example, in some areas, burying an urn at home requires using an eco-friendly container made out of cardboard which must be buried below six inches; local ordinances may also limit how close graves are allowed near homes or buildings. Its important to discuss these things with an expert prior to making arrangements.

If you are searching for an eco-friendly way to return your pet’s ashes to the earth, the main options you will need to consider are scatter tubes, earth urns, outdoor urns and memorial plaques.

Scatter Tubes

Scatter tubes are tubes that are commonly made of sustainable bamboo. These tubes are designed to be either planted or put into a body of water in which it biodegrade overtime.

Available in different styles and patterns as well as sizes, scatter tubes are an affordable option leaving minimal effects on the planet and your pocket during this hard time leaving you to be able to focus on saying goodbye to your much loved pet.

Earth Urns

Earth urns are essentially beautiful cardboard pouches to store your pets ashes aftet cremation. Available in multiple sizes and colours, these affordable yet elegant pet urns are designed to be burried in the earth.

Many people find peace in knowing that their friend is returned to nature when choosing this option. 

Outdoor Pet Urns

Ideally used for outdoor memorials, these classy outdoor pet urns are designed to withstand weather without losing their structure. These power coated aluminium urns are available in multiple sizes with custom engraving to commemmorate your pet. Also available in plaque form.

There are many pet urns available to help you remember your pet. When you’re choosing a pet urn, think about the design, size and function of the urn. You may want to display an urn in your home or bury your pet’s ashes at another location.

No matter what type of pet urn you select, it will be special because it holds precious memories of your special companion who enriched your life so much.

For further assistance choosing the right pet urn, or to soothe any concerns you may have, please reach out to us. We are more than happy to assist you.