Nothing can prepare you for the loss of a beloved family member. Pets often become cherished family members and the time we have with them is never enough.

Although death is an inevitable part of life, it’s hard to accept at any age and having a plan in place when the time comes is essential.

Pet cremation is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution, but there is some consideration to think about when deciding on your choice of a crematorium.


Individual Or Group Pet Cremation?

Crematoriums come with two types of services, group or individual cremations. Group cremations are when multiple animals are cremated at the same time, and there is no guarantee you will receive the ashes from your pet.

Individual cremations ensure your pet is cremated by itself and you are ensured to get your pets ashes after the process. By choosing a reputable crematorium who specialises in individual animal cremations, you can rest assured your pets remains will be returned safely to you.


Visit The Facility

A reputable crematorium will happily allow you to book an appointment and will enable you to inspect the facility and show you through the process physically. This will allow you to answer any questions you have on the process, see what is involved in the process and ease your mind that there is no below the board standards to worry about. Personal tours are encouraged at Pet Haven, and our friendly staff are happy to take your calls and answer any pressing questions so, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


 What Pets Can Be Cremated?

The most common pets to have cremated are dogs and cats, but pet cremation is also suitable for most small to medium-sized pets including sheep, guinea pigs, birds, rats, lizards, llamas and alpacas. Please ensure you check with your chosen crematorium on larger sized animals like horses which may need to go to a specialised facility.


Options On Ashes

Your expectations of what you’d like to do with your pet, remains a decision to be made with your family.

Choosing a facility that has a range of urn options may make your decision process an easier one. Some options can be decisions around scattering the ashes in a place that holds significant memories of your pet like your home, favourite park or favourite beach.

For scattering purposes, you can purchase scattering tubes and temporary urns until you decide on a date to scatter the ashes.

For a more permanent option of keeping the remains with you, there is the option to buy permanent urns, and keepsake jewellery to display and hold the ashes.

Alternatively, if you decide that you do not want to get your pet’s ashes back, a reputable pet crematorium will be able to scatter the ashes on your behalf, in a dignified manner.


Grief Support

Creating a plan and deciding on what to do with your pet’s ashes are the first essential steps to take once your pet passes, but another reason to choose a good crematorium is to look at what other services they provide.

Take the time to research the care and service a crematorium provides because your family will be going through a difficult time, and you want peace of mind that you are making the best decision.

Pet Haven has a list of helpful resources and can recommend some grief support networks in your local area to help you and your family through the grieving period.


Emergency Pet Care

Sometimes if you have a sick or elderly pet, you’ll know the time is coming, and you have more time to prepare. However, sometimes emergencies arise, and unfortunately, death can happen unexpectedly.

If your pet has had to be euthanised quickly or an accident has led to death, you’ll want information as quickly as possible.

The team at Pet Haven are available for contact 24/7 at 1800 789 567, and we can send out professional staff to your home or your vet immediately.

Without a plan, you run the risk of making a rash decision that is influenced by grief that over time you may come to regret. Take the time to weigh up your options. This will ensure that you are prepared and have made the best decision for you and your family.

Contact us today to arrange a guided tour or allow us to help your family in the final arrangements of your pet’s farewell.